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Finnish Veterinary Association

Together we veterinarians form a strong group whose unified voice carries further than our own individual ones. The association was established in 1892. 

About us

The Finnish Veterinary Association connects its members, promotes veterinary science and practice in Finland, and advocates for veterinarians’ professional, societal, commercial, and social interests.

We publish materials, support veterinary research, and organize educational events, including annual seminars. The Association also makes proposals on veterinary topics and represents members in interactions with other professional bodies and international veterinary associations.

As a negotiating body, we address veterinary, professional, societal, and commercial issues.

Membership strengthens our collective voice, helps safeguard our interests, and improves working conditions. Joining bolsters the profession’s significance and provides personal benefits.

Why become a member?

As a member, you receive support for various career stages and can take advantage of valuable benefits designed for both professional and everyday life. Find out the benefits of joining and the membership fee for you.

The Finnish Veterinary Journal

The journal, Eläinlääkärilehti, is the professional publication of the Finnish Veterinary Association, established in 1893. It includes three sections: scientific articles, professional articles, and news about the association and veterinarians.

All scientific content undergoes meticulous peer review, with manuscripts critically inspected and approved by expert referees and a professional editorial board. It is the only journal in the world that publishes scientific veterinary research articles in Finnish.

Finnish Veterinary Congress

The Finnish Veterinary Association hosts the annual Finnish Veterinary Congress in Helsinki.

Members of Nordic and Estonian veterinary associations receive the same participation discounts as Finnish members. Some lectures are also held in English.

The awards given by the Finnish Veterinary Association

Veterinarian of the Year / Veterinary Deed of the Year

Since 2001, the Finnish Veterinary Association has selected either the Veterinarian of the Year or the Veterinary Deed of the Year.

The goal is to promote knowledge of the veterinary work among the public and to strengthen the unity of the profession. 

Topi Salmi Prize

Topi Salmi Prize was founded by the Finnish Veterinary Association and the Finnish Veterinary Foundation in 2007.  It is awarded to Finnish veterinary researchers, whose work has international societal significance. Participation in the training of young researchers is considered a benefit. 

The Prize can be awarded for even a single research finding, if it has outstanding merit. The winner is invited to make a lecture at the opening of the Annual General Meeting of the Finnish Veterinary Association. The prize is 10.000 euros. 

Animal Welfare Prize

The prize pays homage to parties who have successfully advanced animal welfare. It can be granted to one or several individuals or organs who work with animals. 

Candidates may be nominated by all members of the Finnish Veterinary Association.

Veterinary Entrepreneurship Prize

The Veterinary Entrepreneurship Prize is granted every third year at the Annual Veterinary Congress. 

The purpose of the prize is to celebrate veterinary entrepreneurship and to identify persons that have excelled as entrepreneurs in the veterinary industry. The prize can be granted on one or several people.

The Veterinary Entrepreneurship Prize can be granted to veterinarians who have acted as pioneers as entrepreneurs and employers, have promoted animal welfare and actively worked for the benefit of the veterinary profession.

Join us!

You can fill out the membership application online. For any questions, contact us via email at or call +358 9 7745 4810.