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Membership fees

The membership fee is proportional to the veterinarian’s income and is fully deductible in personal taxation in Finland. In some cases you can apply for a membership fee discount.

Membership Fees

The membership fee is 1.39 % of the gross income of the member veterinarian.

In 2024 the minimum fee is 139 € and the maximum fee 505 €.

The membership fee is calculated on the basis of the latest confirmed taxable income. The payment instructions are mailed to each member in December. Membership fee is fully deductible in the personal taxation (in Finland). The membership fee is fully deductible in personal taxation in Finland.

Here you can find membership fee guidelines for the year 2024 (pdf)

The membership fee is fully deductible in personal taxation in Finland.

You can apply for a membership fee discount if:

  • you have no income, entrepreneurial or comparable income or incomes are particularly low for at least six months a year
  • you live abroad for longer periods of time

Student Fees

  • Students with practice rights: 139€/year
  • Other students: 40€/year
  • First-year students joining in autumn pay no fee for the rest of that year but pay the fee for the next calendar year.

If a student acquires practice rights mid-year, they pay the full practicing student fee by covering the difference (99 €) later.

Retired Members

Permanently retired members do not pay membership fees. However, they do not automatically have the Association’s professional liability and legal expenses insurance. Retired members planning to work as veterinarians must contact our office.

Membership management

Resigning a membership

To resign, send a letter of resignation to the Board or its chairperson, preferably including the reason for resigning. Membership is terminated upon receipt of the resignation letter or when a termination decision is made.

Terminating a membership

Reminders for unpaid membership fees are sent in October. If the fee remains unpaid, the Board decides in December whether to send a further reminder. If still unpaid, membership will be terminated at the spring Council meeting, and all member benefits will cease.


A former member rejoining the Association must pay the current membership fee plus any outstanding past fees.

Join us!

You can fill out the membership application online. For any questions, contact us via email at or call +358 9 7745 4810.